Bye-bye baby


My baby has left home. After years of tender nurturing, much pain and some joy, “Freecyling for Beginners” has left the building. It’s out there making its way in the world and for the most part it’s doing well. It’s having good reviews which is very pleasing.

I’m especially pleased and proud of the following: – “Lots of themes are explored with each character, some emotional, but there is a cosy sense of community and a real sense of peace and being uplifted.  It’s a charming plot that is really well executed and will give you all the fuzzies.  Likeherdingcats”

And: – “A little kindness and a smile goes a long way. Pay it forward, you never know when you may need to be the recipient rather than the giver. An interesting, entertaining read with a message Amazon reviewer.”

Writing and publishing a book is like having a child and when it’s grown up there is nothing more to be done but to wish it luck and wave it goodbye.

The gap that it leaves is quickly filled by the next story that is demanding to be told. In my case this is “The Hanging Tree” book four of “The Adventures of Letty Parker”.

From modern day Bristol to an alternative city where the landmarks stay the same but Dark Ones exert their influence on the great, the good and the not so good; dragons and gargoyles guard the rooftops eager for news of dark deeds and an innocent lad faces the greatest penalty of all for a crime he did not commit.

It’s been fun moving from reality to fantasy, from women’s fiction to MG.

Writing in two different genres is both challenging and stimulating and now that Jane and Robyn, Debbie and Anna have left, I’m concentrating all my efforts on Letty, Jeb, Mango and Hepzibah. More on their progress shortly.

In the meantime, if you want a good read then “Freecyling for Beginners” can be found on Amazon and all good retailers.


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