I did it! Second hand September

Brampton autumn 1

Second hand September is done and dusted. For thirty days I wore at least one item of pre-loved clothing-sometimes even a whole outfit.

It was a challenge but it was also fun. Although it did take considerable time some mornings to work out which combination of garments to put on. Much easier to shrug on a pair of jeans and any top that came to hand and get on with the rest of the day.

My second hand September was partly to promote “Freecycling for Beginners,” which is all about sharing stuff which is no longer wanted, or needed. The book begins with recently widowed Jane, who not wanting to take her husband’s favourite chair to the tip, puts a post on the local freecycling site. The chair is taken by Robyn, who wants it in her studio for her sitters, when she paints their portrait.

And so it begins −an intertwining of lives that lead to changes that none of the characters could possibly have imagined.

As a keen freecycler, the book was inspired by genuine posts. I hate waste and the idea that things go into landfill just because they are no longer wanted. But freecycling is more than that. It brings people together, it’s a way of paying forward. A baby bath I had donated for visiting grandkids, was later passed on to another gran.

Another bonus is connecting with people and making friends and of course it is good for the planet.

Apart from the promotion value of having my picture on social media holding a copy of my new book, every day for a whole month, the whole exercise showed me how many clothes I have hanging in the wardrobe, which is great for someone like me who hates shopping.

As far as I can see, so long as things don’t wear out, and they shouldn’t if I rotate my outfits, I’ve got clothes for years to come.

So, second hand September has been a win-win month on all counts.

Will I do it again?

Watch this space.

In the meantime I’m still wearing a pre-loved outfit. Not because I have to, but because I want to.


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