Facing the fear.

In a few weeks time my latest book ‘House of Shadows’ will be published by Penkhull Press. This is a great, big enormous step and I should be feeling proud and happy and very excited. Why then do I want to slink back into bed and pull the duvet over my head? Why am I tempted never to touch a keyboard again? Why am I seriously thinking about giving up this writing lark?

Why? Because I’m scared. Scared of what everyone will say about the book, scared that no one will say anything about it, scared that no one will ever read, let alone buy it.

And deep down part of me is scared that it might, just, be a great big humungous hit and then what will I do? Apart from bring out the champagne.

Now crazy though all these fears may seem to non-writers, my guess is that anyone who writes has to face the gut churning terrors at some point. It’s like the labour pains women go through to have their babies and once said baby is delivered then it’s all forgotten.

In which case I’m just going to have live with it for a while longer, but any suggestions as to how to mitigate the pain would be gratefully accepted.