City Of Secrets cover

‘CITY OF SECRETS’A fantasy adventure for 8-12 year olds.

Letty Parker lives by her wits. Estranged from her family, she sells pies on the streets of Bristol – a city of dark secrets, peopled by gangs, monsters, dragons and gargoyles – and creatures older than time. She befriends George, another homeless child, who sings like an angel. Then George disappears, and Letty’s stepsister vanishes too. They are not the only ones who are being taken to a place where a terrible fate awaits. Because the children are poor, no one seems to care what has happened to them – except for Letty. But what if a rich child went missing?  Together Letty and Jeb hatch a plan…


Shadows On The Grass


‘SHADOWS ON THE GRASS’ A family saga, following three generations of women. In nineteen sixties Bristol seventeen year old Kate is torn between the new sexual freedom and her rigid Catholic upbringing. Her parents have high expectations of her; she however is determined to lead her own life.

Meanwhile, Mimi, her grandmother, is dying. In her final hours, her cousin the Princess keeps watch at her bedside. Born in the same month in the same year, the two women are bound by their past and a terrible betrayal.

Caught between the generations, Hannah, Mimi’s daughter, struggles to come to come to terms with her relationship with her mother and to keep the peace between her daughter and her husband.

She too must find her own way in this foreign land in a new post war world, where the old certainties have gone and everything she knows has been swept away.

Shadows on the Grass, is another book in Misha M Herwin’s Bristol Series.


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A novel about friendship, cake and the mutual support that only lifelong friends can provide.

Liz, Bernie and Elsa have been friends since their days at St Cecilia’s school. Their lives took very different paths, but they all found happiness in their own fashion. Liz is an independent career woman; Bernie a good Catholic mum with four sons and Elsa is supported by her wealthy ex-husband.

Then, in the space of a few short weeks, everything they have taken for granted is swept away. Money, jobs and partners are all gone. How will they manage when their worlds are crumbling about their ears? Together Liz, Bernie and Elsa have to find novel ways of avoiding disaster.

HOS cropped A
A time slip novel to while away dark Winter nights.

Brooding over the estate at Weston Ridge, the house at Kingsfield hides a violent history. Built by a slave owner for his beloved wife, it is a place of lost children, where time fractures and two lonely girls from different centuries cut their fingers and swear to be best friends for ever.

When Jo returns as an adult, long buried memories of her childhood begin to surface. As she slips in and out of time, she realises that she has to face the consequences of her actions and a friendship forged in blood two hundred years ago will force her to make a heart-breaking choice.

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