Cat in a pot

Cat in pot 2

There’s a black and white cat who wants to move in with us. At least I think it does. It spends a lot of time in our garden either sitting on the back lawn or sunning itself on the front doorstep. Recently it’s taken to sleeping in the pot of rosemary by the front door. Maybe, like cat-nip, rosemary has a particular attraction for cats, or maybe it’s just somewhere snug and comfortable for a leisurely nap.

Whatever the reason, that’s where cat sleeps and mostly it doesn’t show much inclination for going any further into the house. If one of us leaves the door open, cat will risk a foray, but it always looks very nervous and uncomfortable as if it knows it really shouldn’t be there. Not that we chase it away. We’re getting increasingly fond of cat and quite happy to have our share of its time with whoever it officially lives with.

Whoever it is looks after it well. Cat is plump and glossy and never begs for food. Maybe it likes company when its people are out. If that’s so it’s an arrangement we’re happy with as just at the moment we’re not looking for a new cat.

On the other hand a gradually slipping their way into our home is how most of our cats arrived. Seren, our last cat, who we are sure came from a neighbouring farm when we lived in the country, slept in our garage until we relented and adopted this little kitten who obviously needed a home.

I’m sure she wasn’t missed and the same was true of Bonzo who arrived a little while later. He proved a real bully, terrorising the other cats and had to be rehomed to a family where he was the one and only feline and master of all he surveyed.

Cat, however, is a completely different case. So for the foreseeable future it looks as if we have ourselves a cat share.


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