A Rollercoaster of a Day


It’s been a real up and downer today. It started off with a gummy eye. I woke up clogged up with nasty yellow gunge that had to be washed off first thing this morning. It itches  a bit but doesn’t look too serious but it means no makeup so the old hag look is truly in place.

Still compared with what some people are going through this counts as no more than a minor irritation and the rest of the morning promised well. There was story time with the grandkids, Maddy and Ollie dipping in an out of the tale of Emily the Evil back-loader, not sure what exactly that is, but Ollie was insistent that she played a main part. He also decided that she had to be pink. Desmond the Evil Digger was yellow and it was he who was driving the conspiracy to dig a tunnel between Southville and Hawaii. How this saga ends has not yet been decided, though the kids have foiled the first attempt, with the help of Tom and Tim Tiger.

After that I had time to write and am thoroughly enjoying editing the new WIP. It’s the fourth book in the Letty Parker series and being in her world is such a break from everything that’s going on that it is a joy to join her, Jeb, Hepzibah and Mango in their latest adventure.

So far so good. Then we watched the news and with the death toll going up, the world suddenly became a darker place.

The sun is still shining, the sky is blue and chopped and dug in the garden which lifted my mood.

After that I was in the kitchen baking and cooking. We now have a bacon quiche for tomorrow, carrot and tomato soup and the first of this year’s crop of rhubarb to have with our muesli and breakfast. Making use of every last scrap is another consequence of this self-isolating and a good lesson to learn and hopefully to carry forward for the time when it will be possible to go out and shop freely in supermarkets full of both basic and more luxurious product.

It’s the thought that it might be months before that can happen, that caused the next slump.  At which point I had to tell myself to stop catastrophizing and admit that the main problem today has been lack of sleep. An early night tonight should make all the difference to my outlook tomorrow.


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