Last Night I Dreamed of …


sproutsLast night I dreamed of…sprouts. A whole tray full left by some kind stranger outside our house. Next to the sprouts was a slew of mangetouts. Two of my favourite vegetables and interestingly neither of which are in season.

No doubt this is a symbol for the general lack of fresh produce, or rather the fact that we can’t just nip down to the supermarket and replenish our stocks. Mike and I are so used to this way of shopping that I’m finding it hard to remember to order fruit and veg on line. It’s the same with meat and fish, anything in fact that doesn’t have a long shelf or freezer life.

And what do you do about ice-cream? If delivered will it arrive as a molten puddle? And frozen food in general?

It’s obvious I still haven’t quite cracked this on-line shopping thing, but with deliveries in the pipe-line I’m working on it. I’m also longing for the time when I can stroll down supermarket aisles looking at what’s on offer, comparing prices, making decisions, maybe adding the odd luxury. Never did I think I’d feel like that. I usually hate supermarket shopping and am only too glad that Mike has taken that over. Still I suppose it’s what you can’t have that you lust over…

In the meantime a delivery of bananas by the wonderful Heather.

Pig and bananas
Guarded at the door by Baldrick 

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