An Oddly Indoor Day

Blue and Pink

Since lockdown I’ve tried to get out for a walk first thing and then in the afternoon spend some time in the garden.  Most days I’ve managed both, but today has been an exception.

The walk happened as usual, followed by a lesson with Maddy which began slightly later than usual. We did a comprehension exercise on Chapter 3 of Dragonfire. It was a little strange using my own book as a text, but it worked well.

After coffee, I decided to write and did a little editing on “The Hanging Tree” and then it was time to visit the Hay Festival. This year you can access all the talks on line and I’d opted for one, by Professor Daniel Davis, on the immune system and Corvid 19. Based on his book “The Beautiful Cure” he talked about how medicines are made, how our immune system works and of course the virus. I found it fascinating, though I wish there was more about the virus, though he did feel positive about the possibility of finding a vaccine. Personally, I’m not too sure and hope that we’ll find ways of treating the disease in the very near future.

Still processing what I’d heard, I took a look at the pile of papers on my office floor and decided to sort out my store of short stories. The papers were there because I was looking for a copy of my extract from “Belvedere Crescent” to read at Debbi Voisey’s event tonight. Needless to say, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but have been spurred into finishing a task I’ve been promising myself I’d do for ages.

In a weird example of synchronicity Mike was doing the same in his office. Not sorting stories but papers.

Was there something in the air?

In any event there was no time to go out into the garden except of course to check on the courgettes and tomatoes and to resist another peep at the robin on the nest.

Stay safe.



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