A brilliantly warm day, more like summer than April. After weeks on the dining room windowsill the tomatoes are ready to be planted out. They’ve already outgrown their pots and if I wait any longer they’ll start flopping over. The trouble is, the greenhouse, due to be completed by wonderful son-in-law this month, is still in pieces. Failing that the next best thing is to put them in front of the house. So earlier on today, I carried all the pots from one end of the garden to the other, through the house and out onto the drive. In went the tomato plants and now I hold my breath.

It’s the same every year when they make their transition from the warmth and safety of the house into either the old greenhouse or the big outdoors. Having nurtured them from tiny seedlings, it’s a little like saying goodbye to your children.  I’m always afraid that they’ll curl up and die from shock and they always prove me wrong. Fingers crossed it will be the same this time and it won’t be too long before we’re picking deliciously sweet sun gold tomatoes.



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