Those of you who have read my “Bulging Wardrobe” Posts will know that I’m trying to rationalise the amount of stuff I have in my cupboards and drawers. Like so many other people I still have too much, but have been making a real effort not to buy more, so Oxfam’s initiative #SecondHandSeptember is just what I needed.

Not only will this help my storage problem, but far, far more importantly it’s something we all need to do for the environment.

Looking in the facts about fashion, I learned something shocking. In the UK 300,000 tonnes of clothing goes into landfill every year. We throw away £140 million worth of clothes per annum and the average life of any garment is 2.2 years. After that it gets chucked.

We’re wasting money, damaging our world and it’s not bringing us any happiness. If it did then we wouldn’t be throwing something away after only a few wears. Nor would we be on this endless treadmill of being trendy, or chasing over the latest fashion, which we know will only last for a short time. The off we’ll go again in search of the one item that “will transform your wardrobe this season.”

So, to do my bit, I’m not buying new and I’m also wearing something pre-loved every day this month−starting today and to prove it, I’m posting the pictures.

Today’s choice is a mix of new and pre-loved (I love that phrase). The leggings are new, the top came from Cancer Research as did the Crocs and all the jewellery is presents. The necklace is made by a workshop in Africa where the women make necklaces to earn much needed income.

Being sustainable and environmentally friendly also means less needless washing, so thinking how to make each outfit just that little bit different is going to be part of the challenge. So tomorrow…


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