Media Detox


Balconies in Valetta

We’ve just come back from a week in Malta- something none of my followers on Twitter, or friends on Facebook will have known about. Apart from not wanting to let all and sundry know that we were away and the house was empty, I had no intention of posting pictures or giving a blow by blow of what we were eating or where we were.

It’s not that I don’t like social media. I love FB in particular – it’s like having a chat with a friend and, somewhat hypocritically, I love it when people post about their holidays. Especially family and I follow their progress and know that all is going well and no one has been eaten by bears, or fallen out of an airplane.

So why haven’t I followed suit?

For me part of going on holiday is getting away from all the everyday things of life and posting and tweeting and liking, however enjoyable, is part of that. Not having to do it is comparable to not having to make the bed, or clean the house, or do the washing.

It’s also a distraction from writing and occasionally, when I feel I’m not doing enough marketing it becomes a stress rather than a pleasure.

A week away and I’m more than happy to get back to blogging, tweeting and Facebook.

Malta, incidentally, was magic.

Malta Unicorn 2

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