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I need to getting sowing my seeds.

Jan Edwards

In the vague hope that our weather will warm up soon today has been all about starting off various seeds.
Today I have started off  some French Marigold – Naughty Marietta. Not because I like their smell – it can be a bit much – but for deterring aphids both around root crops and in the greenhouse in between the tomatoes.

I have put in a tray of Petunias – Grandiflora F1 mixed and Lobelia – String of Pearls for hanging baskets and filling in large pots.  I shall sow the Sunflowers next month. Other annuals will be sown outdoors.

Sweet Pea – Bouquet Mixed went in around two weeks ago and have a good showing so far.  A generic variety but wanted more for scent than show in the Courtyard garden.

On the veg front there are Cucumber – Bohemia F1 and  Cucumber – Marketmore.

Both are small…

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