Another one leaves home


It’s a grey miserable wet rainy day and I’m sitting in my office wondering what to write. Normally I have no problems posting on this blog; an idea bubbles up to the surface of my brain and I’m off.

Today I’m feeling blank. I suppose it’s partly due to the unprepossessing weather and partly because I’ve come to the end of another project. Well not quite the end, but that stage when the worked on, obsessed over, edited and re-edited manuscript is sent away to be formatted into a proper book.

“More Adventures of Poppy and Amelia” has begun its journey out into the world and I’m both reluctant to let it go and excited about the next step.

I suppose it’s a little like a child leaving home. You’ve spent years preparing and you’re glad when they can go with joy and confidence, but you know there will be a gap which will never quite be filled.

Of course a book never really leaves. It will have an independent life but you’ll also have copies on your shelves and as e-books. It will also always be there somewhere in the back of your imagination maybe waiting, in Poppy and Amelia’s case for another suggestion from co-author Maddy.

Even if that doesn’t happen, there is plenty to be going on with. Publicity and marketing for “More Adventures of Poppy and Amelia,” is already kicking in, viz this post and there will soon be more news re-publication date.



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