Mslexia write-in

Mslexia cover March 2023When I first began to blog I resolved that I would post once a week without fail. Because Sundays in our house tend to be relatively quiet that was the day I chose and at first it worked well. Then, as usual life got in the way. I set up a regular Google meet session with a friend and by the time we had mulled over the week’s events, plus our writing news and anything talked through anything significant concerning family and mutual friends it was time for lunch. After which… needless to say the blog post came low on the list of things to do. Some weeks it got pushed so far down, that it didn’t happen, on others I managed to squeeze it in a few days later.

Then I signed up for the Mslexia write-in, where every Monday a group of subscribers meet on line for the sole purpose of writing without interruption for an hour.

When I first joined I had no idea what it would be like. After nearly a year I can say that being with a group of other women, all engaged in writing is the most affirming and inspiring experience.

Exactly why that should be so is difficult to pinpoint. There is definitely a group vibe, a seriousness of purpose that validates what we do. In the brief chats we have at the end of the session there is understanding, support and a sharing of advice, or information.

Of course I could put aside an hour any time in the week, shut myself up in my office and say I am not to be disturbed. But, for reasons my fellow Mslexia write in members would appreciate, that does not work. I am still seen, and in fairness see myself, as available, while logging in to a Zoom call puts what I am doing on a different more professional footing.

Monday mornings, at midday, are now sacrosanct. Appointments have to be fitted around them, phone call are not taken, invitations to coffee declined.

With the boost of that one hour at the beginning of the week, I can view whatever happens to get in the way of my writing with more equanimity, because I have achieved at least one goal.

It isn’t always a blog. Sometimes it’s more work on a novel, or getting down to a piece of editing. Whatever it is, I feel better for that silent companionable hour.

Thank you Mslexia.


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