Stephanie’s Book Launch

Stephanie Carty

On Saturday evening I went to a book launch for a writing friend’s book. “Shattered” is Stephanie Carty’s debut novel a psychological thriller published by Bloodhound Books.

There had been an online launch the day before which I’d not been able to take part in but good though that would have been, there is nothing better than actually being there in person to support a fellow writer.

It was cold and drizzling when I set out. Wearing my long winter coat I made my way down the hill to the King Street Studios. I wasn’t sure who would be there, or if  apart from Stephanie there would be anyone I know, but apart from the prosecco and gluten free cake, what was stood out about the evening was the people who had turned up to celebrate Stephanie’s first step into the world of the published novelist. Coming back to her home town, there were friends from her childhood and former work colleagues.

There were also other writers, some of whom knew her through the workshops she runs on line. As for me I met Stephanie when she read at 6×6 a reading café Jan Edwards and I used to run at Hanley library and where she also ran a flash fiction competition for local writers.

In time honoured fashion, there was a reading from the book and questions posed by the host for the evening. There was also a mixing of people who had never met before, who were friendly and welcoming and happy for Stephanie and this, for me, is what made the event.

It’s a scary thing to finally let your book out into the world and being with people who are rooting for you, gives you such a boost and builds your confidence.

So, if you have a friend who has written a book do go along to their launch if you can. You will never know how much that means to them.

If you can’t, then at the very least, download the e-book and write a review, for as the slogan says “Every little helps.”


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