One for All and All for One


Writing can be a lonely job. You sit at a desk, café table, laptop and work. Interruptions are distractions, chat is not welcomed as it can break the flow. Hours can go past without seeing anyone.

All that can be great for productivity, on the other hand humans need other people. We all want to be acknowledged and valued and if you are in the process of creating then there are times when you definitely need support and reassurance that what you are doing isn’t really a complete waste of time and effort.

Family and friends can’t really fulfil this role, what you need is someone who knows what you’re going through. That is where other writers are a lifeline.

For as long as I’ve been writing and publishing one of the things that has struck me is how supportive the writing community is of each other. It doesn’t matter how or what we write, we do understand each other’s problems and without my writing friends there are times when I would definitely sink into the slough of despond.

There is however no need for despair. A cup of coffee/facebook chat with Jan Edwards and a problem I’m wrestling with is resolved. Sometimes this might mean a re-write, sometimes a quick tweak. Either way it will make the book I am working on better, or show me what I need to do to move forward. On a less intense scale Renegade Writers, in our weekly meeting do the same for each other.

This support moves beyond feedback. We pass on news of competitions and possible agents and book fairs. We mention each other’s books on social media and like and share on Facebook and Twitter. We congratulate each other on our successes, commiserate on our rejections. We buy and review each other’s books and the books of other writers we know, because what we all need is more help marketing our work.

It’s the buying, come on an ebook can cost less than a cup of coffee, that is something family and friends can do too. It all helps to push us up the rankings and if you can leave a review, even if only something along the lines of “Really enjoyed it” 4/5* then that is brilliant.

It’s a hard world out there, but joyfully, among the writers I know, we don’t put each other down. Quite the opposite. We are a very supportive community.

In which spirt I’m going to mention Jan Edward’s “In Cases of Murder” the latest Bunch Courtney book.

Aand if anyone wants to give me an early Christmas present, then  “A Gathering of Gargoyles” the fifth adventure of Letty Parker and friends is now out. A review would be brilliant too.  



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