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I keep all my boots and shoes as long as possible. I have boots that are older than my son in my cupboard.

Jan Edwards

DSC_2711I have had my green boots for maybe six or seven years and though the uppers are still excellent – and more to the point have reached that foot nirvana   where they’ve moulded to my foot shape so that I can wear them anywhere for any length of time – the soles and heels were showing the miles travelled.  

In this household we do our best to recycle whatever we can, or else donate unwanted goods to a good cause, so having them repaired went without saying.

lastIn the 1950s/60s my father would repair our shoes at home using an iron last. Carefully trimming new soles and heels to fit, pasting them with glue and carefully tapping them into place. This partly because it saved money but also because we lived out in the back of beyond and had no shoe repair shop to visit.

blakeysMy brothers boots would often…

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