The Books Are Here

Box of books

With two days to go a box of  “A Gathering of Gargoyles” is finally here. It’s taken a little longer than I expected but by some lucky co-incidence no sooner I had messaged Peter to ask when they were scheduled to arrive, they were delivered to his door.

This morning he and Jan brought them around. There are only a few copies, most will be sold through Amazon, Hive and other outlets, but I have nearly a dozen of real live books in my possession.

It’s always a strange moment when this happens. What’s been first in my head, then on my hard drive, is finally physically in print. For some writers this is a real thrill but for me it doesn’t quite work that way. As I’ve said before, once the book is on the way to the printers it’s left home, my baby is out in the world and ready to make its own way.

I’ll give it every help I can with my marketing and publicity and the help of book bloggers, such as the wonderful Kerry Ann Parsons, and reviewers, like Jessica Rydill and Barry Lillie. Thanks to you all.

But now it’s up to Letty and her associates to weave their magic over their readers and looking at the books that arrived today, I wonder who they might be. There will be some who I know have enjoyed the Adventures of Letty Parker since the first book “City of Secrets” came out. They’ve told me so and have left reviews. There are others whose names I will never know who have bought the books on line, or borrowed them from the library, or from a friend perhaps and hopefully they’ve spread the word. They’ve told their family and friends about the alternative Victorian Bristol where Letty and her friends do battle with the Dark Ones and are gradually coming to realise that their world is more complex and complicated than they had ever thought.




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