Barlaston the Redundant Dragon

Barlaston the Redunant Dragon

They say you should always back up your work and for years that is exactly what I have done. Every piece of work is saved numerous times as I write and then again when I close down I copy and paste in Dropbox and on an external hard drive.

So when I wanted to use the cover of “Barlaston the Redundant Dragon” for this blog, I went to my plays folder and scrolled down. Sure enough there was a file but to my horror it did not contain the ms simply the promotion for a performance in a local school.

Keeping my cool, knowing how careful I am about backing up, I did a search of my documents. Again lots of hits and all for the file I had already found. There was no trace anywhere of the play. How it got lost and when it got deleted, I can only speculate. My suspicion is that when I got my computer the file was not copied over because I mistook the promotion file for the real deal.

Luckily, I am both paranoid and old fashioned when it comes to keeping copies and my filing cabinets are cram packed full of manuscripts in various stages of development. It took a while but to my relief I came across the copy of Barlaston that I had sent off for a competition.

Maybe somewhere among my discs, I have backups dating from pre-Drop box days, but for now I have my hands on a real live copy. The next question is how to transfer it into digital form without having to type out the whole thing.

In the meanwhile, there are myriad copies of “A Gathering of Gargoyles” in various forms including the one at the printers. Hopefully soon I will have a proof copy and not long after that book five of the Adventures of Letty Parker will be out in the world.


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