Here be Dragons

Dragon door knocker 4

I’ve always had a thing about dragons. When we were kids my sister, Anuk, and I had to share a bedroom and I used to tell her stories about Roostance, the dragon that lived under my bed. Being the younger sister, she wanted one too, so we became princesses each with her own personal dragon.

One of the first plays I wrote for “Stagefright” a theatre-in-education company was “Barlaston the Redundant Dragon.” A rotund and good natured beast who had problems controlling his fire breathing, he was thrown out of the castle only to be hunted down by the evil queen, who had him in mind as the source of her designer dragon skin coat. Since there had to be a happy ending, primary school kids would not be expected to cope with too much horror, Barlaston finally found his true calling by solving the king’s energy crisis when he kept the castle boiler fuelled.

Moving on a few decades and I have dragons all over the house, including one that is currently taking a nap by the garden pond.

There are also dragons in my books, especially in “A Gathering of Gargoyles” the latest Adventure of Letty Parker. While the gargoyles of the title might relish tales of doom and disaster it’s the dragons that bring them the choicest titbits of news.

These dragon are to be found everywhere in the city. They perch on the top of downpipes, they hang on doors, both as hinges and door knockers and come in every shape and size, right down to some that are so small that Letty mistakes them for flies.

In the previous Letty books, the dragons are important but not a vital part of the story. In “A Gathering of Gargoyles” they are well and truly centre stage.


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