Never Seen Again – Paul Finch/ #review #crimefiction

Sounds like one to be put on my TBR list.

Jan Edwards

pfI don’t review often on this blog but Never Seen Again inspired me!  I bought this title at a convention several months ago when it first came out, but only just got around to reading it  as it resurfaced on my TBR stack. (I am on a crusade to bring my TBR mountain under control and gradually working my way down it!)

What is it about? : David Kelman was once the hero of local journalism until he pushed that bit too far and one of two kidnap victims paid with their life and his career when bottom up. Six years later, and riddled with guilt when a staggering clue from that case lands in his lap. Jodie Martindale, the second kidnap victim is still alive; a captive and begging for help. Kelman enlists the help of colleagues from his old post with The Essex Enquirer and sets about finding…

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