Taking a Break

For the past two days I haven’t written anything, looked at anything to do with writing and only briefly checked my emails, FB, Twitter etc. None of this was a deliberate choice, I just woke up on Saturday feeling ugh…

Ugh is an interesting condition. Somewhere between mildly miserable, slightly stressed and totally fed up, it’s not serious, or life threatening. More like being enveloped in a grey fog it’s an energy drainer making everything harder than it should be and leaving me feeling that all I want to do is sit still and let the world happen around me.

This is exactly the right thing to do, because sometimes the creative side of the brain needs a rest. Looked at this way, taking the time off is all part of the writing process. I’ve been through this and each time I come back refreshed, once I’ve beaten the temptation to give in and give up, to spend the rest of my life not wrestling with plot, character and style, not spending hours marketing and promoting, but being in the garden, sorting out the house, having coffee/lunch with friends and all the other things that can be pushed to the side when in the throes of getting out the next novel/short story/kids’ book.

Idyllic though this sounds, I know it’s not for me and just as I predicted when I was pulling up weeds in the vegetable patch two days ago, I’m back writing this blog. My brain is also shifting into gear ready to look at what my editor has said on my currant WIP. Then there is that video I want to unleash on social media, and the ideas Maddy and I have for the next Poppy and Amelia book…

In other words, normal service has been resumed.  

#amwriting #womensfiction #kidsbooks 

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