Ch Ch Changes (apologies to Bowie)

Every writer needs a writing group like this one

Barry Lillie

Originally I had this saved as a draft for a post about writing groups and what happened last Wednesday made me think about the importance of a good writers’ group. Groups are abundant and range from those that meet in church halls to those that are funded by universities and publishers, but I believe the two fundamental things a group needs is leadership and trust.

Going back several years I joined a writing group, Renegade Writers. We met in a front room of a pub and shared our stories with each other and listened, gave advice and supported each other. This wasn’t (and still isn’t) a happy-clappy group where we slap each other on the back and heap praise on what we hear. There’s been many people come along who couldn’t accept that we, tell it as it is – we give honest appraisals – and they’ve never returned. I…

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