Widows and Workmen

There’s always a reason, or two, why there’s no time to write.

Barry Lillie

Today I was looking through the drafts that I had put together for this blog and noticed the next one was due to be called, “Finding the Time to Write’. I then looked at the last post I had written and saw that it was in May, three-months ago. Would Alanis sing about it being ‘Ironic?’

This made me think about why I’d neglected to write any posts and I came up with two reasons. Widows being one. I’m currently writing my third novel and it’s been my most pleasurable so far. I’m 78,000 words into draft one and despite it being 6 weeks overdue I do have a good excuse.

Widows’ United, is the story of five women who meet at a widows forum and become firm friends. They form their own club – hence the name – and together they support each other through their first year of…

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