The Right Cover


The Right Cover

The book has been written, edited, edited again and again…It’s been proof read. I’ve listened to what is called in our house “the boring voice” the mechanical one tone drone that reads every syllable and helps me, a notoriously fast and inattentive reader, to find those tiny words that I was sure I’d typed but had somehow gone missing. Following this tedious process, the novel has been sent out to beta-readers and now it is ready to be formatted. All that remains is the cover.

In this respect I have a fantastic advantage over many other Indie published writers. My sister Anuk Naumann is an artist. Way back when we were small girls I would write stories and she would illustrate them. Growing up our lives took different paths, she qualified as an architect and I worked as a teacher, who wrote in her spare time. We had our kids and then she became a full time artist and I went on writing.

Maybe it’s the sisterly bond that makes us very much on the same wave length when it comes to art work for my books. In the early days, I’d use an image she already had, but as time has gone on I only have to explain what I’d like and Anuk will paint me a picture that is totally right for the book whether it is one of the Adventures of Letty Parker or a novel in the women’s fiction genre.

When it came to “Freecycling for Beginners” Anuk read the book first, which she doesn’t usually have time to do.  She had been going through a fallow period, which happened to us all during covid, and the novel got her back into the flow of creating. Inspired by the theme of freecycling unwanted stuff, she produced a collage of the image I wanted−the shabby red chair that sparks off a train of life changing events for my protagonists. And of course collage uses already existing materials to produce something new. Perfect synchronicity.

So thank you Anuk and also Peter Coleborn who made the image into a cover and Jan Edwards whose input was invaluable. Without the three of you, “Freecycling for Beginners” wouldn’t look so good, or so enticing for potential readers. I am, as always, in awe of your skills and talents.

If you want to know more about Anuk’s work


For Peter it is

For Jan


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