Full Circle

Bramptom gardens July 21 C

Six o’clock on a July morning and I slip out of the house for my morning walk, the first at this time of day since lockdown one. I have been walking most days but this week it’s been so hot that going out later than nine was probably foolish and definitely not pleasant so I’ve been staying in the cool.

Today however I woke at five. Got up checked emails etc. then dressed and went out. The air was fresh and cool, the Brampton Gardens empty. A magpie hopped around the children’s playground, a squirrel sat in the middle of the grass nibbling something in its paws. I watched a little fledgling explore the path between the shrubbery and the sensory garden. I wondered why bindweed, its flowers pure white against the dark foliage was considered a pest. Sunlight, full of hope and possibilities, slanted over the rose garden.

Apart from the cars going up the hill this could have been a year ago when our lives changed so radically. A lot has happened since then, but one thing stays the same, for me that early morning walk revives and inspires. I’ve made my cup of tea. I’m sitting at my computer. I’m ready to write.  


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