Signs of the Times

Croci Feb 2021 2

Walking down to the Brampton this morning I saw the first signs of spring everywhere. What particularly caught my eye was the clumps of crocuses peeking out of the leaf litter. At first these were little more than spots of colour, some were only one or two flowers, others were in clumps, struggling to make their way through the mud.

The fragility of the blossoms combined with their determination struck me as symbolic of this phase of lockdown. There is hope that things will and indeed are changing. The vaccination roll out and the lessening of pressure on hospitals shows that. Things however mustn’t move too quickly. Just as the passage of rough feet, or a violent shower of rain can decimate the crocuses so can too sudden an unlocking trample on all our progress so far.

We have to move carefully, but as the crocuses have shown, it is possible to grow out of a claggy mire of muck and rotting leaves and flourish.

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