Happy New Year and Hello to Thirty Years of Writing! @mishaherwin @writermels @BarryLillie1 @6TRcurtaincall @Jennyamphlett @KTScribbles @rachlawtonxx #janedwards

Here’s looking forward to the next 30 years of novels and stories

Jan Edwards

I have been tidying up my web page for the year to begin and just realised that 2021 a landmark year!  (Being terribly British this blowing of my own trumpet feels terribly unnatural  but I couldn’t let that 30 years go by unmarked 🙂 )

For those of you old enough to remember – In 1991 :

  • The Gulf War wages over Kuwait
  • The USSR ceases to exist
  • Unrest beginning in the Balkans
  • Apartheid ends in South Africa
  • Huntingdon Library making the Dead Sea Scrolls available for first time
  • Tim Berners-Lee creates the world’s first website
  • I had my very first story acceptance for publication (Illo is not that edition but the only image I could find.)

‘Meet’ was SF story that appeared in a Horsham community magazine  called W.I.T. (to this day I don’t know what WIT stood for) and was, if I am brutally honest, probably not terribly…

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