After the Launch is Over


“Island of Fear” has been launched. It was a great evening last Thursday that left me buzzing. That night I couldn’t sleep and by the next day I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Sending a book out into the world, is like a child leaving home. You’re happy they’re taking their first steps as independent people, yet worried about how they will fare out there in the big wide world.

Friday was spent taking things easy. A walk among trees, watching “The Four Children and It”, catching up with some reading. And thanking everyone who came to the Facebook event, posted a review, signalled their support in some way or another.

I feel as if I’ve been surfing on a wave of love and goodwill, buoyed up by friends, the wonderful Renegade Writers and of course book-bloggers like Kerry Anne Parsons, Steph Lawrence, Yvonne Bastian and Jill Doyle who gave me a boost on Jill’s Book Café.

Friendship is one of the main themes of the Letty Parker Series. We all need that human connection which at the moment is not always easy to get, or to give, and what Thursday has shown is how much difference it makes.

What is brilliant too is that in the writing world, this is how people work. Very, very few times have I experienced anything else. Fellow writers have been unfailingly helpful and supportive. Ask for help, or advice and you’ll get it, even from people who hardly know, or have only encountered briefly on social media.

It’s not always easy being writer but being part of that writing community is one of the things that makes it worthwhile.  


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