The Edge of Autumn

Brampton Autumn4

Clad in coat, boots, hat and gloves I set out for my morning walk musing how each season has its own characteristic.

There was a chill in the air this morning and a melancholy edge to the thin sunlight trying to break through the cloud which, although it’s the last day of August, made it definitely an autumn morning.

In spite of this, I don’t find autumn a sad season. In fact there is always a feeling of anticipation. Maybe this goes back to when I was teaching and the September term was the start of a school year when I would be meeting new children and finding ways of working with them.

That was a while back but the feeling of excitement is still there, especially today with only three more days to go to the launch of “Island of Fear” the third book in the series “The Adventures of Letty Parker”.

Inspired by my time living in Jamaica, this book was great fun to write and now it’s ready to be launched out into the world.

Only problem being that, on Thursday 3rd September, it will be among 600 others vying for attention and love.

If I know anything about Letty Parker, she’ll take it in her stride and make her voice heard.

Super 600c_pe


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