Moving out and Moving on.

~Posy and Bod dancing

Today my brother and sister-in-law are moving everything out of Mum’s apartment. We’ve had to wait for so long because of corvid restrictions and even now only the two of them are allowed inside, which is why I’m here in Stoke and they are in Bristol.

Odd though it has been to wait all this time, there is a certain synchronicity about doing it today. 31st July is Posy’s birthday and there are moments when can I imagine her being with her Granny somewhere up in the ether and both of them celebrating lives, one long, one too short, being lived well.

When Posy died, my sister Anuk dreamed that she saw her and Bod dancing on on a cloud. It was such a joyous image that she drew it for us. Pose who loved hats is throwing hers in the air, a suitable gesture for someone who wore a hat to school and when she was called in to explain, retorted that since Sixth Formers did not have to wear uniform her choice of headgear was perfectly acceptable.  She got away with it too. At her funeral we gave her hats to her friends and I’ve still got her iconic striped straw one in my office.

In the drawing she’s wearing her Stoke City shirt and Bod the Osh Kosh dungarees I never had the chance to buy her. They are both so happy that I’d love to think Mum joining them.

Birthdays were always special for Pose and today, as always on 31st July we’ll be raising a glass to her and remembering the good times.

I might even wear the hat.


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