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“Friends are the Family you choose for yourself.”

That’s certainly true of Letty Parker. With a mother who is more interested in her career than her daughter, a father who is off at sea and a step-mamma who is desperate to turn her into a young lady, Letty’s friends are the people who are most important to her.

The mysterious Gabriel saves her from drowning as a toddler, Jebediah Hill leader of a gang of pick pockets and his sidekick Mango Jack teach her how to survive and then there is Hepzibah the girl who lives in a posh house and unexpectedly turns out to be one of Letty’s associates.

Time after time, these friends prove their love for and loyalty to each other. No more so than in “Island of Fear” where

“When Letty Parker is asked by her best friend, Hepzibah, to solve a family mystery she willingly agrees.

She has no idea that investigations will lead the Letty Parker & Associates Detective Agency team across the high seas to the exotic isles of the Caribbean.

Letty, Jeb and Mango, are soon fighting for their very lives in a world where pirates rule the seas, evil plantation managers hold the land and the forests are filled with duppies and dark magic.”

“Island of Fear” is out in September. Meanwhile it can be pre-ordered HERE





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