Cover Reveal


Coming soon

Coming soon − “Island of Fear” the next book in the series “The Adventures of Letty Parker.”

Already available for pre-order on Amazon HERE now is the time for the cover reveal. Roll of drums, rising of curtain and “Ta da!!”  a first glimpse of  “Island of Fear”.

After all the editing, proof reading, and formatting the book is ready to be launched and today you get an exclusive first glimpse of the amazing cover. But a reveal should be slow and tantalising, so like the removal of each of the seven veils it will happen bit by bit.

A good cover is a taster of what the book is about.  It says enough about the story to hook the reader and make them want to know more. It stands out so as to grab attention and if it’s a series builds a look that becomes part of your brand.

I think the covers for the Letty books do exactly this. So thank you to my sister Anuk Naumann HERE for the original art and Peter Coleborn for turning her paintings into a brilliant cover. Each time a new one drops into my inbox I am so excited and amazed by how they have managed to produce something that it just so right for what I’ve written.

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