Found Objects

Orange suitcase 2

One thing I’ve noticed on my early morning walks is that since lockdown there seems to be so much more rubbish in the streets. There’s the usual stuff like the odd sweet wrapper, but added to that I’ve seen drink cans, plastic bags and half eaten food, the detritus of picnics on the usually pristine piece of open land at the top of the Brampton. This was horrible enough, but worse still are the discarded face masks and plastic gloves and most horrible of all the nappies that have been thrown in to the bushes.

These are the true horrors, but there is another more intriguing objects, like the orange suitcase found at the side of the pavement. Who left it there? What happened to the contents? And when it disappeared, who took it and why?

Most mysterious of all was the egg which had been carefully balanced on the windowsill of the old library in Newcastle. Did someone find it and leave it there thinking it had been lost? I can’t imagine anyone realising that an egg is missing from the box and going back to look for it.

Or could it be some sort of statement, or message? Will I find more eggs in other unexpected places, or is this a one off?

Who knows?

Keep safe.




  1. Hi Misha, I agree, the rubbish has truly been awful since lockdown! But the series of questions you pose about the suitcase are great fodder for any writer…this would make a great creative writing exercise!


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