Seeing Family

Flowers on the table

Seeing the grandchildren at the weekend made so much difference to our lives. Even without knowing it we were sliding into a trough of despond and being with Lucy, Jay, Maddy and Ollie made everything feel lighter and better.

Even though the rules have changed we socially distanced as much as we could with the kids and certainly with the adults, which was hard to do when you haven’t seen your family since February.

In spite of the grey and miserable weather, the kids and I spent a lot of time in the garden. Ollie watched the frogs and skimmed the weed off the pond with a fishing net. Maddy set up a set of drums using old saucepans, wooden spoons and the garden table and used flowers to make a sun on the patio outside the living room window.Flower sun

She also picked small bunches of flowers for the house, putting them on the dining room table just as her mother and aunt used to do when they were young.

It was a brief stay, from Saturday to Sunday morning, but the flowers are still there, the scent lingering as a reminder of a much needed visit.



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