The Marvellous Mechanics of the Mind

Morning Walk 2

Lay in bed this morning puzzling over what was wrong with my latest WIP. Up until I’d reached Chapter 10 the narrative flowed well, then suddenly I hit a block. I knew where the story had to go, I just wasn’t getting there in an exciting, engaging way. If I was bored then what would my readers be?

Mulling over the problem wasn’t helping, so I decided to park it and go for a walk. At 7am the day was already blissfully warm, the streets empty and traffic sparse. To clear my mind, I  did my best to focus on my surroundings without an awful lot of success, until I reached the Brampton. Glancing across to the other side of the road, I saw an older woman pulling a shopping basket behind her as she walked purposefully down the hill into town. The image, that early in the day, was a striking one and I began to wonder what was going on. The simplest explanation was that she was on her way to the shops, but they wouldn’t be open yet. So was she hoping to beat the queues? Again unlikely. Had she misjudged the amount of time it would take to get there? Possible, but that would suggest she didn’t know the area and if that were so then why was she out doing her shopping on her own. Unless there was no one to do it for her. Or she was fiercely independent and determined to do everything for herself.

Or was there an altogether more sinister explanation? Was she a courier? Did she have something to deliver, or to collect? And if she didn’t make the meet-up would there be dire consequences?

As the various scenarios unfolded themselves I made my way home and now that I had sparked the creative side of my brain, I saw the solution to my problem with the new book.

Keep safe.



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