One Hundred Days

pink roses 1
Pink Roses in the garden

Today is one hundred days since we went into lockdown. Mike and I self isolated earlier than most of you and I think I’ve kept count correctly. Even to me this seems an almost impossible amount of time, but we have stayed at home with very little contact with anyone outside.

Sanity has been preserved by: keeping to our separate offices and working for part of the day, chatting over breakfast and supper, cooking together occasionally, and watching films. It’s also helped that the weather has been good and we’ve been able to sit in the sun and chat to passersby, at the correct social distance of course.

Then there have been the lovely evenings with Heather, sitting and drinking wine in our respective gardens, the long, long phone calls with family and friends and all those incredibly important gestures of love and support in the grimmest of times when Mum died.

Social media’s been good too at keeping us in contact. There have been great pictures and videos of the grandkids on Whatsap and of course teaching Maddy has been a joy.

Things are loosening up a little and we’ve been into town to get our eggs from the market and good though that was, it brought back memories of happier times, when Saturday mornings were when we went out for breakfast, then after reading the paper we’d wander down to the stalls on the Stones to do our shopping before driving home for yet another coffee.

It’s that freedom to go out and more importantly to interact with other people that I miss so much. When it will return, we’ve no way of knowing, so in the meantime the best way forward seems to me to concentrate on each day as it comes and not try to second guess what might happen next.

Keep safe.


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