Raindrops 2

Woke to a grey morning. No sun, non-stop rain and a miserable damp feeling about everything. It could almost be winter, except it’s not that cold.

There is no lesson with Maddy on Thursdays so having slept late I allowed myself a lie in, then sat in bed and read a book until about nine o’clock.

Skipping my morning walk was meant to be a treat, a break from the usual routine, but it was mistake. Not having that blast of fresh air made me lethargic. Everything felt too much trouble and instead of working my way through it I sat around and did nothing until well into the morning, when boredom finally drove me to my computer.

A look at the final, final, edit of “Island of Fear” to answer Peter’s queries, plus a phone chat to Jan to check whether horses would have a problem drawing a carriage downhill and I was beginning to function again.

When I was teaching the thought of a day at home doing nothing was the stuff of fantasy. Now that I can do exactly that I’ve learned that it doesn’t suit me.

Although it took far more effort than usual editing, answering emails and sorting out a pile of papers from my filing cabinet has actually made me feel better.

The ennui is dissipating, the energy is coming back. Tomorrow there is another Poppy and Amelia story to be told, the next draft of the next Letty Parker book to look at, marketing to begin for “Island of Fear”…

And even if it is raining, I’m going for that walk.


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