The Workings of the Subconscious?


Yesterday I added a status to my Facebook profile. I meant to say that one of the places we’d lived in was Jamaica, what I did was to say that I was going there to live. Chance would be a fine thing. In the first place, we’re still isolating, secondly there are no flights and thirdly now that Mike has retired there would be no job or apartment waiting for us. No wonder my son-in-law asked if I’d been smoking wacky baccy, while my dear friend Jonathan posted whether I’d be off to Mandalay next and asked whether Mrs Davers was expecting me.

I’ll edit the post asap, but it did occur to me whether there was a certain synchronicity to my mis-post, as I had only just completed the final proof read of “Island of Fear.” This is the third book in the Adventures of Letty Parker series and is set partly in the Caribbean. As in the other books this is in an alternative world, though pretty close to the one we know and there are pirates and duppies and dark magic. It also depicts a society where slavery still exists and again there is an odd timeliness to this, even though the book was written last year.

I suppose this is the sort of thing that sometimes happens to writers. We may not be thinking about what is current but there are themes that come to the fore either through chance, or because in some way or another they are out there in the ether and so permeate the subconscious.

Whatever the reasons, “Island of Fear” will be out in September and is another rollicking, fast moving adventure for Letty and her friends.

Keep safe.


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