Good Intentions

back place

In the beginning, at the start of lockdown, I had a mental list of all the things I was going to do/achieve. Most of them were to do with writing, there would be at least one, if not two books out at the end of this, LOL, as they say but others were of a more practical nature.

The writing took far more time and effort than I had bargained for and so far the first book planned for lockdown is only at Chapter 8. Still it’s on its way and I’m also submitting short stories to magazines and anthologies, so progress is happening, if slowly.

I’m also beginning to read more. I had thought I’d be devouring books but this simply hasn’t happened. In spite of not going out my days have somehow been fuller than usual.

As for the jobs around the house and the admin. These have been looming large in my subconscious recently to the point at which they were becoming a source of stress.

Finally deciding that procrastination took more energy than actually doing the job, I tackled our back porch. This was prompted by the fact that the tomatoes I’d been nurturing there were strong enough to go outside as was the kumquat tree. Once those that gone, everything looked grimy and felt sticky. The kumquat was dripping goo, probably from an aphid infestation.

Emptied of most of the plants, I scrubbed the walls, repainted, polished the pine and washed all the tiles. Everything sparkles, I feel better, now to get down to that boring admin.

Keep safe.


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