The Tin Opener has Landed

Tin Opener


Oh happy day! The new tin opener arrived this morning. On Thursday the old one finally gave up the ghost. I had tried to open a tin of tomatoes and when the ring pull broke I resorted to the old fashioned method. At first all seemed well. The opener bit into the top of the can, a few turns, however, and it refused to go any further. Thinking that the lip might be too high, I tried the bottom of the can and this is where everything jammed.

We turned, we twisted, we hacked, we thumped… nothing moved. In the end it was a case of levering up the top with a knife so that the tomatoes could slide out.

BV Mike would have gone out and bought a replacement opener. That not being an option he sent off for one. In the meantime tuna curry had to be replaced by chicken and it was odd to think that there was a supply of food in the cupboard to which we had no access.

A day later, a ring at the door, a parcel on the doorstep and our kitchen is properly equipped.

Whether this was what lightened my mood, or the fact that I sat down and worked on Jan’s edit of “The Hanging Tree” I don’t know. All I can say is that in these strange times something so relatively small can make a big difference and it might be that knowing I can open a tin of tomatoes whenever I want, was enough to get me back in writing mode.

Tomorrow it’s back to the latest book and I’ve also got an idea for a short story.

Keep safe.

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