Old Friends and New


Old Friends and New
When I was three

Today was one of those days that didn’t go to plan in the best possible way. After yesterday’s on line meeting of Renegade Writers, I knew I had some editing to do on “The Hanging Tree” the fourth book in the Adventures of Letty Parker series. I’m enjoying being in Letty’s alternative Victorian world but there were a couple of things in the first few chapters that needed fixing and somehow I just could not get round to doing it. It was probably because I couldn’t work out quite how to go about it that I kept putting it off. I had resolved to start after breakfast this morning and even though we’d lingered over coffee I had finally opened up the file when the phone rang.

It was my friend Kate. We’ve been friends since we met at primary school and she was an integral part of my childhood and adolescence. We went to different universities but shared a flat in London during the long vacations. I’m god-mother to her children and when she and Bob went to live abroad, they’d visit us when they were on leave. When I got divorced my first holiday on my own was to stay with them in Hong Kong.

We had a lovely long conversation, just as we used to when we were in secondary school, sitting in cold hallways fending off parents’ suggestions that it was time to end the call, as it was costing money, didn’t we know

Lunch brought our chat to a halt and then it was time to do a little gardening, so it was not until three thirty that I finally got down to work. Perhaps it was the break, or the effect of talking to my oldest friend, but suddenly everything was flowing again. In fact the time went by so quickly that I was surprised when it was five thirty and time to meet Heather in our neighbouring gardens.

The warmth was seeping out of the day, the clouds were gathering but we sat and had a glass of wine and talked and the day that had started off not too brilliantly took on a completely different complexion.

That human connection, whichever way we do it, makes all the difference.

PS Still having problems accessing photos on iphone. Hence the rather random choice of me aged three.

Keep safe.


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