Time Stopped


Time has stopped. Literally. This morning when I went to put on my watch I found the battery had gone. The same was true of all the other watches I own, except one. For as long as that battery lasts I’ll be able to see the time at a glance. Once that is no more then I’ll have to rely on my phone, computer and the various clocks around the house. But for how long? The clock in my office, the one I glance at automatically to keep track of my day, no longer works and it doesn’t take the standard batteries.

Without that clock, it’s harder to gage time and with few exceptions it scarcely matters. There’s an allocated slot for Maddy’s lessons and Renegade Writers meet on line at seven on a Wednesday. Apart from that we can use time as we please.

What has surprised me is how quickly it passes. Most days are so busy that I have to make sure there will be time enough to write. Wondering how this was happening and whether I was frittering time away I kept a list of all the things I was doing and discovered that my days are really full of tasks that need to be done, like the washing and emptying the dishwasher and, maybe one day, the ironing, or things that are much more important, like interacting with people, or walking, or being in the garden.

Or playing Scrabble. Yesterday’s game took up so much time that I missed writing my blog. And I didn’t even win.

In an attempt to outdo Mike I’m going to Google some little known words and commit them to memory, unless of course someone rings me for a good long chat.

Keep safe. Enjoy the glorious weather.

PS photo is nothing to do with today’s blog but true to the theme gmail has not yet delivered my picture of the watches.




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