The New Normal?

City of

Last night, for the first time ever, I dreamed of Letty Parker. I can’t remember the exact details of the dream but I was totally lost in her world, of an alternative Victorian Bristol, where people might die of TB, cholera and other infectious diseases, but where there was no Corona virus.

Whether or not this wishful thinking, I don’t know. Fond as I am of Letty and friends, theirs is not a universe I’d like to inhabit.

In any event it made me think about the world as it is now and more especially what they are calling the new normal.

First of all a definition of terms. Is the new normal what we have now, or what we are going to have some time in the relatively near future? If it’s about to happen, does anyone know when that might be?

If we’re talking about the present moment, then what is normal, is very different to what it used to be. In our house this means having our shopping delivered, with all the traumas and joys that entails. Today’s delivery from Sainsbury’s arrived right on time and was unloaded by a very cheery van driver and placed on our doorstep. When he’d finished, Mike asked if that was everything and was assured that it was. We waved goodbye and took our shopping into the kitchen to be put away. We didn’t even need to check the bill to see that at least a third of what we’d ordered was missing.

Fury and consternation ensued. Followed by extreme frustration when trying to find somewhere on Sainsbury’s site to query “lost shopping.”

Somehow we got diverted into a survey about how satisfied we were with our delivery, when the phone rang and an apologetic driver confessed that he’d found our missing goods and would be round with them in ten minutes.

We now have milk and yoghurt and lettuce and other fresh veg. Not to mention sausages and the prawns we planned to have with our stirfry.

Keep safe.




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