Marketing Musings

Belvedere and Gingerbread

Locked down, not able to go shopping, or do outreach at Bentilee with Jill Rezzano from the New Vic Theatre, do drama with Ages and Stages, have coffee with friends, or visit family you would think I’d have plenty of time to market my latest book.

“Belvedere Crescent” came out in February this year. It’s a time slip novel and has had some good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and what I should be doing now is making sure that I keep it in the forefront of everyone’s attention. Something I’m singularly failing to do.

Exactly why, I can’t quite decide, but I’m beginning to suspect that this is not laziness or disinclination to put myself out there, but something different altogether. In a time of pandemic, when people are dying and we’re doing our best not to overwhelm the NHS by staying at home, it seems almost distasteful to be shouting “Look at me and What I’ve Done,” which is what marketing basically is.

Of course I want people to read my books. Even better if they buy and review them, but to be honest that doesn’t seem that terribly important just now.

What matters far more is personal contact. We might not be able to be with each other, but we can talk on the phone, Facetime, Skype, Zoom etc. Seeing people even if it’s only a computer screen makes so much difference. What is also good is that I spending longer talking to friends and family and also getting in touch with people I care about but who I rarely communicate with. Every call and conversation strengths our connections and make me feel better.

Something else that makes a huge difference are the things we are doing for each other: Barry’s offer of an outdoor cucumber to go with my tomato plants, Valerie’s gift of Market Drayton gingerbread, which brings back memories of where we lived for so many years and of course Heather’s bananas. These, not how many books I am or am not selling, is what is currently bringing me joy.

So thank you Barry and Heather and Valerie and all our other friends with their offers of help, their phone calls and just being there.

Keep safe.



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