Small Things


Being indoors, the world can shrink to a few rooms, giving a feeling of claustrophobia. For me, one way of dealing with this to turn my view from the outside and focus more on the small things that give me joy.

Some of these are fleeting and easily missed when life was busier. One way of concentrating on what I have, rather than what I can’t, is to keep a gratitude journal. A daily list of the good things that have happened. These can be as big or as small as I want and given the present circumstances, I go with the small.

On today’s list will be, the orchid flowering in the bathroom. It’s never had so many blossoms in all the time I’ve had it.

Notebook I’ll also include my new notebook. For me a notebook has to be just right, otherwise I can’t buy it and this one, chosen quite a while ago, is glorious in the brilliance of its cover. The gold reminds me of sunlight and it has a lovely silky feel which cries out to be stroked. Inside the cover is the colour of pale chocolate, or creamy coffee, while the pages are a warm cream.

Everyday objects can be beautiful, uplifting, amusing. What is key, is how you view them. It you want to see what an artist can do with the stuff of every day, check out Tim Diggles work, in particular his series of photographs, Still life and Flat life. Take a look at

And enjoy.

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