Getting Dressed

Cheerful colours


Mike and I have been self-isolating for fourteen days now. We rather jumped the gun and started before the government told us we must, because we thought that for us, in our particular circumstances, it was better to be safe than sorry.

It’s taken me all this time to get used to the idea that I can’t simply jump in the car, or walk down the road and go where I want to, when I want to. To deal with the feeling of incarceration that this brings on, I’ve more or less stopped thinking about going out. Apart from a quick walk around the Oval I’m staying in the house and  garden.

Now that I’ve eliminated all other possibilities, being at home is beginning to feel like the new normal. For me it’s been easier because spending my time sitting in my office and writing is what I usually spend most of my time doing. Not much change there then.

I get up each morning go through the usual routine, stretches, washing, etc then I get dressed. I’ve not quite kept up with a new outfit every day, but I am thinking carefully about what I’m wearing, trying out new combinations and choosing jewellery to match. Today I’m wearing my bee earrings as a reminder of how important bees are to our survival and to go with it, my pendant has berries and flowers on it.

It might seem crazy but I think how I look is important. Bright colours make me feel good. Being dressed as usual makes me feel I’m taking the day seriously. I’m not going to spend my time slumped in front of TV programmes I don’t really want to watch, I’m going to write, keep in touch with friends and family and do the usual household stuff. Having a sense of purpose is what’s going to keep me sane.

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