A Busy Day


The old lady’s pot

It’s been a very busy day today. Started off with a bit of a computer blip. When I went to switch it on, my PC decided it need to re-boot. Not having the slightest idea what to do, I pressed a key, got to another less scary looking page, then switched it all off. Holding my breath I tried again and a beautiful blue screen with a window on it appeared. Relief all round.

It did make me think I’d better sort out my Dropbox so that I can access my files on my laptop. That took a little time. Then there was breakfast and a call from Jay to ask if Maddy’s lesson could be brought forward.

And then…as my granddaughter used to say when telling a story, I was free to do my own thing.

Which began with re-arranging flowers. As some of the weekend’s daffodils were beginning to droop, they were consigned to the compost bin and I combined them with the tulips.

Finding a vase took a while. The ones I had were too big, or too narrow until I remembered the old lady’s pot. This is a lovely hand thrown pot that we’ve had for about thirty years and never used for flowers.

It came with Mike, who was left it by the old lady who sold him her cottage in Woore. She had to go and live with her son, who didn’t have room for many of her things in his house. So Mike inherited the pot and for all the years we’ve had it it’s never been used for flowers.

The old lady was sad to leave her home and, although I never met her, I always remember her when I see the pot.


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