Talking on the Radio



90676627_140257034090242_3219728151911333888_nSet the alarm clock for seven this morning as I had a radio interview on Cheshire’s Silk 106.9 Radio scheduled for eight and crazy though it sounds, even though no one was going to see me I wanted to do my face and look at least vaguely presentable before it started.

My friend Emma had suggested I could say something about home-schooling and I was asked if had any tips for parents, who were wondering what they could do with their kids. The presenter, Darren Antrobus said he felt couldn’t even help his kids with their homework and I think that’s the situation for a lot of parents. What they forget is how much they know and how much they can teach. Cooking with your kids is teaching them to read a recipe, weigh and measure and keep an eye on the time. Gardening is about nature and plants and the responsibility we have for our planet. DIY is another example of where an adult can teach their kid and there are so many others.

Really important is listening and talking to a child. It helps develop language skills and the ability to discuss and look at things logically. Telling stories is good too and getting the child be interactive, so that they contribute as much as the adult. When I do this with Maddy and Ollie the two of them end up hi-jacking the story and taking it to places I’d never dreamed of.

Grandparents if you can connect by Skype, Facetime, Zoom, etc. are another resource. They have many different skills and of course the stories they can tell will give the child some personal family history as well as an insight in how things used to be.




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