Day Four: The Online Shop


downloadToday was another first. I’ve shopped on line before for books, presents etc, but never until this morning had I attempted an on line food shop.

Mike who does most of the cooking in our house also does the cooking and prefers to wander through the supermarket and decide as he goes what he will buy. Not an option in times of plague and peril, especially once we decided that we were going into hibernation.

It was Lucy who suggested registering with Sainsbury’s. On Sunday she tried to get onto their website, but Sainsbury’s wasn’t having any. They let us register but couldn’t give us a slot until April–not much use if you’ve run out of milk and loo roll. Denied his supermarket of choice, Mike was far from pleased, but in desperate times you need desperate remedies and Tesco was prepared to take us on.

And so to the first shop. To say I was nervous was somewhat of an understatement. I had nightmare visions of not being able to log on, or losing everything in my basket, or not being able to get what I wanted. However it had to be done and at nine o’clock this morning I sat down at the computer and began.

Nearly an hour later I’d filled my basket. Being a complete novice it took me forever to negotiate my way round the site. Besides which I had to decide what to do if the item I wanted was unavailable, which in some cases involved a real moral dilemma. There was no bleach so I bought disinfectant wipes. I’ve virtually eliminated such things for ecological reasons but faced with a nasty virus that might lurk on taps and door handles I felt I had no choice. So into the basket went the wipes, along with a non-eco deodorant− even in isolation I don’t want to smell.

Delivery is due on Sunday. Hopefully all the items I’ve bought will still be available, especially the loo roll. Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, keep safe.



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